Make a Hollow Window-Box Ring | Art Jewelry

Use simple construction techniques to build a customizable display for whatever you want to show off: metal, resin, fiber… even moss!

By Maria Apostolou  |  Published: Wednesday, August 05, 2015

As I was hiking through the woods, a patch of bright green moss caught my eye. I picked a small piece and tucked it in my backpack, unsure of how I would use it, but certain that I wanted to incorporate it in a piece of jewelry. I had recently been making hollow rings that incorporated natural materials, so it seemed appropriate to give this moss a new home in a ring.

I encourage you to not take the suggested measurements too seriously, and have a little fun while you’re at it! You can change the shape of the hollow form, add texture to the metal, or alter the pierced shape in the top of the ring. If you don’t want to use moss, search for other exciting materials to place inside your ring.

Source: Make a Hollow Window-Box Ring | Art Jewelry Magazine