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Metal Physical Books 2


Metalworking Artists Resources

Art of Coppersmithing: A Practical Treatise on Working Sheet Cooper into All Forms
John Fuller Sr. / Paperback / Published 1993



The Care of Bronze Sculpture: Recommended Maintenance Programs for the Collector by Patrick V. Kipper


The Care and Handling of Art Objects : Practices in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Marjorie Shelley, Helmut Nickel (Illustrator) / Paperback /Published 1994

Color on Metal: 50 Artists Share Insights and Techniques
Tim McCreight, Nicole Bsullak / Hardcover / Published 2001


The Colouring, Bronzing, and Patination of Metals : A Manual for the Fine Metalworker and Sculptor (ships in 2-3 days)
Richard Hughes, Michael Rowe / Hardcover / Published 1991



The Complete Metalsmith: An Illustrated Handbook
Tim McCreight / Spiral-Bound / Published 1991


Contemporary Patination
Ron Young / Paperback / Published September 1997

Metalwork for Craftsmen: A Step by Step Guide With 55 Projects
Emil F. Kronquist / Paperback / Published 1993


Patinas for Silicon Bronze
Patrick V. Kipper, Mary Libbey (Editor), Nancy Schmachtenberger (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1996


William Seitz, Rupert Finegold / Hardcover / Published 1983